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Sunday, March 13, 2011

its the same, but its not

hello guys,
as i am writing this entry my heart is breaking,
bcoz i just realized that the one of the superhero of my childhood life is not cool anymore..
let me share with you guys my sadness...

okay this is one of my favorite superhero during my childhood times.. y? bcoz he is simply cool..
the best part is he is the only superhero tat fights justice at the ocean.
( well screw NEPTUNE ).

he has two superpower which is:
1- he can breathe at under the ocean.
2-he can talk to fish

but recently i found out its not cool anymore coz there is another character that has the same power with him... and that character is..

SHIT!!! why does spongebob get to have the same power with him..
im so not over this fact..
1- spongebob breathes under the ocean.
2- he can also talk to fish..

crap you nickelodeon!!! you can even find a way to ruin this!!!!
there goes one of my superhero which is no longer a cool superhero....


well tats all for now..
catch ya in a rebound!!!
toodles... :)

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  1. haha. ini pon jadi isu.? mr crab pun boleh ckp dalam air.:D