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Saturday, October 22, 2011

my convocation day

hi guys...
well its a bit late but who cares..haha

recently i juz graduated my diploma and my convocation was super awesome..
well for this entry i will be showing more pictures than word..haha (enjoy it)

well this are my batch graduates.. congratz guys...

see this pic.. we are holding three angry birds characters bouquet..haha it was a total koinky dinky...
this is the hall.. and the one taking the scroll rite now is me.. cool aite..

my most proudest moment of receiving a excellence award...damn it felt good

and my mom was obviously super proud of me..haha love u mom..

these are my best friend from high-school.. they really surprised me by coming to my convocation..thx guys..

and last but not least " I DID IT" yahoo!!!...
well tat was for my diploma..cant wait for my degree convocation...

i think tats all for tis time ..till we meet again.. bye-bye :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

rebound or re-bonded?

its not that im on going all lovey-dovie~~

but it came into my mind recently because ive talked about it with my friends a few weeks ago.

REBOUND - do you know what does this mean.. let me illustrate to you..

see that?? its the catch you make after a wrong throw.. but im not talking about basketball, im talking about ur life...

see we often think that once we came out from a bad relationship or a good one, we need to quickly find a new one in order to get over the past.. in this case the new partner becomes the rebound guy/girl.

in every thing that we do , there must be a consequences well now at this case the rebound person will get him/her feelings hurt and that will crush their feelings.. see now due to our own selfishness we hurt another persons feeling and now we are the bad guy..

you might realise that every "get to know" moment is sweet.. so be carefull not to make wrong decisions that may lead to the rebound person.. because in the end you will realise that u never loved them..you just need them for a momentarily period..

and for the next in-line girls/guys:

remember just because you have a crush on them you cant force them to return your love... make sure you help them forget the past and then try to see where things are going...
dont freak them out by being so direct..play the "im cool" +"hints" game...they love it.. and that will slowly recover them from the black ragedy of their past..

well guess thats all for now..
bye2 folks..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

its the same, but its not

hello guys,
as i am writing this entry my heart is breaking,
bcoz i just realized that the one of the superhero of my childhood life is not cool anymore..
let me share with you guys my sadness...

okay this is one of my favorite superhero during my childhood times.. y? bcoz he is simply cool..
the best part is he is the only superhero tat fights justice at the ocean.
( well screw NEPTUNE ).

he has two superpower which is:
1- he can breathe at under the ocean.
2-he can talk to fish

but recently i found out its not cool anymore coz there is another character that has the same power with him... and that character is..

SHIT!!! why does spongebob get to have the same power with him..
im so not over this fact..
1- spongebob breathes under the ocean.
2- he can also talk to fish..

crap you nickelodeon!!! you can even find a way to ruin this!!!!
there goes one of my superhero which is no longer a cool superhero....


well tats all for now..
catch ya in a rebound!!!
toodles... :)