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Saturday, October 22, 2011

my convocation day

hi guys...
well its a bit late but who cares..haha

recently i juz graduated my diploma and my convocation was super awesome..
well for this entry i will be showing more pictures than word..haha (enjoy it)

well this are my batch graduates.. congratz guys...

see this pic.. we are holding three angry birds characters bouquet..haha it was a total koinky dinky...
this is the hall.. and the one taking the scroll rite now is me.. cool aite..

my most proudest moment of receiving a excellence award...damn it felt good

and my mom was obviously super proud of me..haha love u mom..

these are my best friend from high-school.. they really surprised me by coming to my convocation..thx guys..

and last but not least " I DID IT" yahoo!!!...
well tat was for my diploma..cant wait for my degree convocation...

i think tats all for tis time ..till we meet again.. bye-bye :)

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